On www.odzala.com the people of Odzala are given a voice. They tell us about their lives in their own words and through unaltered accounts. As video reporters they show the world who they are, what is important to them, and how they live.

Roger Landry, for example, comes from a small village in the north of the national park and reports about the communities. He shows us a piece of everyday African life and what matters to local people.

On www.odzala.com primate researcher, photographer and cameraman Germán Illera shows fascinating scenes from the lives of the western lowland gorillas that are make a home in Odzala. You can encounter our closest relatives right here.

Karl Diakite is a rainforest expert and lets people from all over the world dive into a unique and spectacular ecosystem. It is home to hundreds of animal species, forest elephants, monkeys, antelopes. The rainforest is a green lung, indispensable for all of us.

Nicaise Ngoulou represents the protective troop of Odzala. The eco guards are fighting a daily battle against the poachers in the rainforest – you can experience their adventures here.

No matter whose eyes you want to see the world of Odzala through – it will be a fascinating journey to an exceptional piece of Africa. You can visit Odzala and support its people. Tell your friends about Odzala, like Odzala on Facebook and help the people of Odzala with your donation. Thank you!