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The German animal-magazine "Ein Herz für Tiere" about the initiative projects in Odzala

The current issue of the German animal-magazine "Ein Herz für Tiere" has published a wonderfull article about the ongoing projects in Odzala! Interviews with the Odzala-reporter Roger and project manager, Markus Strobel, as well as great pictures give a really good insight and show how the project-work is already bearing fruits on the ground!The issue is available at every newspaper kiosk, or you can subscribe to it online!

MSN about the the Odzala-Viral-Campaign

Read more

Gorillas in the Wild on "Travel"-Online

More gorillas!

Focus Online - King Kongs living room

See all clips on Focus-Online!

Hannes Jaenicke in an interview in "Die Welt"

Read the whole interview!

"Der Standard" about silverbacks in Congo

The Austrian Online-Newspaper "Der Standard" wrote a really interesting article about the importance and role of the western lowland gorillas in the Odzala Kokoua National Park.

"Die Welt" very close to the gorillas in Odzala

For the online-edition of "die Welt" an editor travelled to Odzala to report about the events on the ground. He came back with a very interesting and true-to-life article. Really worth reading it!

Hannes Jaenicke in an interview with "die WELT" and "Neue Presse"

Odzala Ambassador Hannes Jaenicke in an interview with "die WELT" and "Neue Presse". He's advancing his opinion about TV-Shows like "surviver" and his commitment to the Odzala-project.


The brand-new social spot for Odzala

If you would like to share our Odzala commercial on your website, embed it in your intranet or promote it via your channels, please contact us through press|adt| and we'll forward the video to you.

Interview with the Odzala Ambassador Hannes Jaenicke in the WAZ

In an interview with the German newspaper WAZ, Hannes Jaenicke comments on his position as Odzala-Ambassador and the importance of the Odzala project.

Animal, species and environmental protection
Animal, species and environmental protection