You can organize a charity dinner with your friends, bake gorilla shaped cookies or record a video of you and your friends telling us your Christmas wishes for Odzala. Let your imagination run wild and show us how much Odzala you have in you!

Simply send us your photos, videos and ideas for Odzala!

Gorilla dances for Odzala

Miguel Fiol Duran is dancing „Intimate Strangers" on stage of „Schauburg" in Munich. He dedicated his choreography of the dance theater to Odzala - thanks a lot, Miguel!!!

Gorilla joins temple dancing ceremony in Thailand

Thanks for this great clip sent to us from Thailand! A gorilla joining a temple dance in the holy shrine in Bangkok. It's inspiring to see that people all over the world take action and show a flag in support of the protection of gorillas.

Feel inspired as well do a gorilla dance and send us your videos!!!!

Take action yourself! Film your own wishes for Odzala with your class-mates, rear-gunners and friends and send it to us!!!

Because you are Odzala. And Odzala is everywhere!

We wish you a merry Christmas!


Also Karl Sevdas from Munich has already given it a go. 

Thank you to Karl & his party crew for a great video!

Karl and his friends raised 300 € for Odzala. This is equal to about a month’s pay for community reporter Roger, which the Odzala Foundation has to come up with. He is out and about in the villages and shows you what living in Odzala looks like – peek at the Community-Clips.

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