Odzala is a world away from standard two game drives per day safari itineraries. Instead, we aim to offer you a range of wildlife experiences on foot, by vehicle and by water, all designed to give you an insight into a world of mystery and beauty, unparalleled photographic opportunities, and memories to last a lifetime.

The changing seasons in Odzala can impact on the accessibility of some areas, and the movements of key wildlife species. We will however always ensure that your Congo experience is visually stunning, educational, and a true adventure.

Please note that muddy shoes are almost the unofficial logo of Odzala – to see the best of what the Park has to offer you will likely need to wade through streams and bais, push through dense marantaceae undergrowth or spend time waiting patiently in hides. But it will definitely be worth it – and those muddy shoes will be a badge of honour and a souvenir of amazing Congo moments. Fee structure / permits / Park fees / exclusions?

Activity Lango Mboko Ngaga
Gorilla tracking
Game drives
Guided walks
Night walks
Fishing (catch & release)
Cultural experiences

Cultural Activities

Visiting the nearby villages of Ombo (Ngaga) or Mbomo (Mboko) allows you to experience traditional forest hospitality and to learn more about how people make the most of all that Nature provides in such a remote location.

Mbomo – a larger village at the entrance to Odzala

  • Enjoy the vibrant night market under solar-powered streetlights – an unexpected insight into life in the Congo.
  • Visit the innovative Sabine Plattner African Charities (SPAC) community centre and schools
  • Try out the dish of the day at a local restaurant or share stories over a cold beer at a shebeen
  • Visit the roosting Hammerhead Bats at the Park headquarters

Ombo – a much smaller village along the road to the frontier with Gabon

  • Experience sustainable forest lifestyles and understand how the forest provides a bountiful habitat for humans as well as animals – people here maintain a very traditional lifestyle, with the forest supplying most of their needs.

Please note that bushmeat is a traditional part of people’s diet here –you may well see wildlife products on sale, which may upset more sensitive people. Also, people here prefer not to be photographed as a rule – if uncertain, please always check with your guide. Very few people in the villages speak English, but basic French and a smile will go a long way!

Lango Activities

A combination of driving and / or walking and boating


Ngaga Activities

Track habituated groups of western lowland gorillas through the rainforest


Mboko Activities

A combination of driving and / or walking and boating