Road Trip North

The road trip to Odzala takes around twelve hours, and in many ways is as much a part of the adventure, as your time in the Park. Odzala Discovery Camps has invested in a new 26 seat Toyota Coaster bus for the road journey to Odzala. For the most part, the country’s roads are in a good state of repair, and once outside Brazzaville, they are generally quiet. The journey involves passing through a variety of striking landscapes and numerous small towns and villages, some of which have colourful markets.

In the town of Makoua, you will cross the Equator – Odzala is just in the northern hemisphere.

At Etoumbi, you will get to experience a true moment of African exploration – crossing the Likouala-Mossaka River by ferry. From this point onwards, the tarmac stops and you will find yourself increasingly drawn into the vast green wilderness of northern Congo.

As the ferry does not operate at night, and the journey time from Brazzaville can vary, we make an overnight stop at the Etoumbi Hotel. While it may not be quite up to the standards of some Western hotels, it is a clean comfortable place to wash off the journey, enjoy a hot meal and a cold Ngok beer, and assimilate to being in the heart of Africa.

The next day we complete the journey to Odzala, taking around three hours to reach Mbomo village at the entrance to the Park.