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To stand face to face with the one and only Gorilla gorilla gorilla, travel into the jungle heart of the relatively unknown Congo Basin. No expensive permit needed – just a good dose of adventure spirit and a giant splash of mosquito repellent.

Before I packed my jungle-proof safari bag and left on the Air France flight to Congo-Brazzaville, I had to answer the same question from friends and family probably five times: Why on earth would anyone travel to an unknown, non-touristy African country like the Republic of Congo, a.k.a. Congo-Brazzaville? The answer is simple: To feel a bit like a pioneer and to be one of the first to quietly discover the treasures of this former French colony.

It’s Africa, but not as many know it. Treasures in the form of endangered species – such as the western lowland gorilla, the western chimpanzee or the African forest elephant – all live peacefully together in the unspoilt setting of the vast Congo Basin, the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest after the Amazon. There’s a reason why a growing number of international travel magazines have put this African ‘black hole’ (which is actually a fairly stable and trouble-free country) on their hot list for 2017. Their advice? “Go now, go quickly, before everyone else discovers it.”