Viewing of birds and mammals in tropical forests anywhere in the world can be challenging. The dense environment and slow-going through the undergrowth means that a skilled guide with a comprehensive knowledge of behaviour and calls is essential to get the best sightings.

Below are a few of the key species likely to be encountered on an Odzala expedition.

Forest Elephant

Bulls of this species are regularly seen in the M’boko area, both in the savannah and forest fringe as well as along the Lekoli River. Small family groups are less often seen.

Forest Buffalo

This charismatic species is abundant and is commonly seen in the M’boko and Lango areas and especially at Lango and Mbouebe Bais, along the Lekoli River and in the savannah.


This exciting forest species is resident in the area around Lango Camp and although primarily nocturnal is regularly seen, either as single animals or in a small herd of about six animals. It is also occasionally seen at one of the bais that is visited on most expeditions to Odzala.


This is a resident species in the area around Lango Camp and is regularly sometimes seen, especially at the bai near Camp.

Black-fronted Duiker

This is the most regularly-seen forest duiker species since it visits the open bais and can therefore be more easily observed.

Other Mammals

Red River Hog, Harnessed Bushbuck, Grey Duiker and Peters’ Duiker are regularly seen in the M’boko and Lango areas while a number of other forest duiker are occasionally encountered but are difficult to observe (Blue, Yellow-backed, White-bellied and Bay Duiker). Another exciting species occasionally seen after dark is the Water Chevrotain. Hippos occur in the Lekoli River but are secretive and rare.