Many activities at Lango and Mboko are a combination of driving and / or walking and boating. This is to give you access to the most productive and beautiful areas of the Concession, and the best possible wildlife viewing once there.

  • Exploring the nearby bai and associated swampy open areas, the Lekoli River, surrounding savannah and forest areas 
  • Spot wildlife from the Camp: Forest Buffalo and Harnessed Bushbuck are regular visitors 
  • Enjoy the antics of resident Cercophithecus nictitans (putty nose monkeys) in the gallery forests in front of camp 
  • Walk the 700m nature board walk through the semi flooded forest near Mboko 
  • Adventure trails along the edges of forested areas give insights into the arboreal world 
  • Drift silently down the Lekoli River, watching out for primates, birds and forest elephant on the banks
  • Spot dwarf crocodiles, forest ducks and kingfishers – and maybe even a hippo 
  • Look out for hyaena, aardvark, and serval on savannah game drives by day and night 
  • Enjoy a chorus of strangely melodious forest sounds after dark