When you visit Congo, you’ll understand why it has intrigued people for centuries. The Congolese people have a rich tradition of storytelling – why not plan a trip here to hear some of their yarns of strange and mysterious forest creatures? You’re bound to return home with some amazing travel tales of your own!

The Congo rainforest has been gradually revealing its secrets, although we suspect that the trees still hold on to a few more. Every day we learn more about this amazing ecosystem – it’s one of the last places in Africa where you’ll feel as though you’re truly exploring the unknown, and that there are new discoveries just waiting to be made. Walking through the forest, you may get the feeling that you’re being watched – and quite possibly you are. With hornbills, turacos and monkeys looking down from the canopy, and gorillas peering through the thick marantaceae undergrowth, it’s likely that you will have been observed…

In the early mornings, wraith-like streamers of mist shroud the forest; at night, silvery moonlight spills through the leaves. What was that, flitting across the path just ahead? Perhaps it wasn’t Neptuno or Jupiter, but a different kind of forest phantom? We asked our Congolese team members to share some of their more colourful ghost stories with us, and they are always delighted to hear new ones from our guests.