These forest phantoms can alternate between male and female. Mostly active at night, they are noted for their masses of brown hair which gets snagged on rotang plants as they move through the forest. Rotang was one of the main building materials we used, so it’s possible that we may have inadvertently woven some Edzodzo hairs into the very fabric of our Camps. We just hope it’s waterproof!

Edzodzo are drawn to camp fires and hunters warn that if you leave your place by the fire for any reason, you may come back to find one has taken your seat – without your friends noticing! In our Camps, however, you’re more likely to find that the barman has surreptitiously placed a fresh cold Ngok’ beer by your seat, or topped up your glass of wine.

There is believed to be an old Edzodzo living (if that’s the right word) by the Bandundu stream to the south of Ngaga. You may hear his eerie cries in the night, although they sound rather like the call of a tree dassie to the uninitiated.

Few people have ever seen him, although they will tell you that his footprint is like a man’s, but much smaller, and with four toes like a leopard’s paw. The fifth toe sticks out to the side, like the thumb-print of a gorilla. Happily, our trackers can tell the difference!