This phantom resembles a very hairy chimpanzee, but with much longer arms. In contrast to the gregarious chimpanzee, the Edzedzeka is a solitary creature which seems to spend much of its time aimlessly wandering the forests, as though it had misplaced something.

The Edzedzeka has the ability to vanish right in front of your eyes, which suggests that they are rather shy creatures, although they have been known to occasionally stand their ground.

There is a famous story of a hunter from Olloba who once shot an Edzedzeka in the forest. He raced home to call his friends to come and see, but when they returned to the spot some hours later, there was no trace of the phantom and he was a laughing stock. When he opened his mouth to protest, he found he had lost his voice, never to regain it.

Perhaps this is what people mean when they tell you that the wonders of Odzala will leave you speechless? Even if you are not lucky – or unlucky – enough to see a forest phantom, the secrets we can reveal to you, from western lowland gorillas to tiny crayfish, are sure to satisfy your desire for the mysterious and the unknown.

Don’t miss out on your chance to explore the (super)natural wonders of Odzala. We’re fortunate that large swathes of the Congo basin remain as living, breathing forests and we believe that eco-tourism is an important way of preventing the trees themselves becoming ghosts. That would be a truly terrifying prospect.

While the forests themselves retain an authentic air of mystery, planning your trip to Odzala need not be puzzling. Simply visit www.odzala.com to learn more, or send an email to info@odzala.com and a real live person will get back to you, and help you on your way to becoming a master rainforest storyteller.