One of the best reasons to visit Odzala is to meet interesting people – and fascinating creatures. As we are proud that Odzala is well provided with both, this month we asked some of the most interesting people we know (Odzala’s field guides) to describe their recent encounters with some of the Congo Basin’s larger-than-life animals.

It seems that they took us at their word, describing memorable moments when they met some of the most impressive and charismatic of Odzala’s wildlife – forest elephant and forest buffalo. While the savannah cousins of each of these species can be commonly encountered in many parts of Africa, relatively few people have seen the forest ‘versions’. That makes each of these sightings rather special, and, when you share the encounter with an Odzala guide, you can be certain that you’ll benefit from their skills and experience keeping you safe, but also from their insights into animal behaviour.

Opportunities like these are rare, even in Africa – in Odzala they seem to be almost a regular occurrence. Another compelling reason to visit, and experience your own meetings with Congo’s unique megafauna.