Rainforest funnies

Life in Odzala often seems to be a non-stop procession of wonders, and while everyone here takes their work seriously, we’re certainly not averse to having some fun. Some would argue that being in the forest brings out the funny side in all of us, and helps us develop a somewhat quirky sense of humour…

Some of this humour is, sadly, lost in translation – which shouldn’t be a surprise given that we have at least eight different first languages across the team.

Teske has not been allowed to forget the time she referred to dung-beetle larvae as “beetle chicks” and our old friend Ferdi the buffalo walked into a staff room at Mboko mid-refurbishment, leaving indelible prints of his posterior in the fresh paint.

As so often, however, we were outshone by the true stars of Odzala: the western lowland gorillas. The youngsters from the Jupiter Group put on a special show for Andreas, and happily he was able to capture their playfulness on video.

2017 in Odzala

We’d like to end by wishing you all a wonderful 2017. We have excellent plans in motion to make 2017 the best year yet to visit Congo, and we very much hope that Odzala will feature in your travel plans over the next twelve months. If you’re looking to explore and discover a unique African wilderness, with charismatic wildlife and compelling cultural experiences, then Odzala is where you need to be.