Your Odzala experience will begin in Brazzaville, known as the green city not so much for its tropical vegetation (although there is plenty of that) as for its ubiquitous green and white taxis. It’s a city that richly repays time spent exploring it, from its French colonial architecture to its colourful local markets where you can buy African cloth and arts and crafts.

Whether you travel north to Odzala by plane or on our customised safari bus, you’ll notice that the countryside (once you leave the capital) is sparsely populated. This is particularly apparent from the air as the narrow ribbon of road leading north is dotted with small towns, but beyond that the savannah and forest roll on almost endlessly.

It’s easy to understand why the Congo Basin is referred to as the ‘lungs’ of our planet, and as you head into the forest you’ll find that you begin to breathe more easily. Freed from the distractions and hassles of everyday life, you’ll be able to focus more on your surroundings, the giant trees and tiny butterflies.

Visiting Odzala will give you the chance to explore a remarkable variety of habitats, and to witness biodiversity at its most exuberant and imaginative. As well as the forest blocks and savannah, Odzala is a land of rivers – rivers which ultimately join the Congo itself.

Boat and kayak excursions along these rivers will take you deep into the forest, and are a great way to quietly approach animals feeding along their banks, be it forest elephants or chimpanzees in the trees.