Guereza Colobus

This is one of the more visible primate species in Odzala and is seen in the Mboko and Lango areas, as well as along the Lekeni and Lekoli Rivers. It is also a regular visitor to the forest bais, including several that we visit on a regular basis.

Grey-cheeked Mangabey

Another fairly visible species that is regularly seen in the forests around Mboko especially in the early morning.

Moustached Monkey

Although difficult to observe for long periods of time, this colourful species is fairly regularly seen in mature forest.

Other Primates

Agile Mangabey, de Brazza’s Monkey, Allen’s Swamp Monkey, Crowned Monkey and Putty-Nosed Monkey are all regularly seen in their preferred habitats and visitors to Odzala should see a number of these species during their trip. Central Chimpanzees are regularly heard in the Mboko and Lango areas as well as along the Lekoli River but are not habituated and are therefore seldom seen.